When is the best time to buy air to the Caribbean?

My experience has been to wait.

Purchase your air within 90 days of departure.

I was recently validated by CheapAir.com who recently completed a study on the best time to purchase airfares. On an average, the best time to buy a domestic flight is 54 days in advance with the “Prime Booking Window” falling between 21 and 112 days of a trip. I find this advice holds true flying to the Caribbean as well. During these 90 days, fares fluctuate a lot, often  day to day, sometimes hour to hour. Check prices frequently and be prepared to purchase that moment.

Other four zones from CheapAir.com: the “First Dibs” zone (197-335 days out) join the “Hail Mary” zone (0-13 days out) as the most expensive. Tickets bought during the “Peace of Mind” zone (113 to 196 days out) typically cost $20 more than during the “Prime Booking Window”. Tickets purchased during the “Push Your Luck” period (14 to 20 days out) vary dramatically.



by Molly Sumption, Caribbean Honeymoon / Sandals Expert, Seattle & Portland / subscribe to RSS feed