Nic & Natasha Ruff

Molly is amazing. My husband and I work opposite schedules and she was so flexible when it came to planning our Sandals honeymoon. I would mostly send email because I get off work too late to call, and she would respond usually by the next day. There was no stress on our part. We told here where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, and she booked it. At one point I panicked because I got an email from our resort saying our early check-in was unsuccessful (which would have disqualified us for a special honeymooners offer), and she completely took care of it. She knows all the destinations personally, got us a great room, and gave us really great advice before hand that we would not have known until after we arrived. With all the stress of planning a wedding by myself, it was beyond a blessing to have someone so knowledgeable just take care of everything. I honestly thought travel agents were becoming out-dated because of ease of access to internet now, but Molly’s expertise cannot be matched by anything you plan yourself!

-Nic & Natasha

by Molly Sumption, Caribbean Honeymoon / Sandals Expert, Seattle & Portland / subscribe to RSS feed