Kingston – March, 2024

I’ve wanted to visit Kingston, Jamaica for many years and finally succeeded in February. Kingston isn’t a resort city but a vibrant, authentic destination featuring art, history and music. Highlights of my visit included the Kingston Art District, historic Port Royal and Bob Marley’s Trench Town. And, a special treat, ice cream at Devon House!

I highly recommend the Spanish Court Hotel Kingston , located in the heart of the city. It offers an authentic boutique experience with a full buffet breakfast included.

To see the sites of Kingston with a local guide featuring escorted, safe tours, Jamaica Cultural Tours
*Authentic Kingston City Tour – Traverse the vibrant streets and landmarks of Kingston, Jamaica, unraveling tales of resilience, creativity, and the essence of this dynamic city.
*Cool Art and Culture Tour – This is a Kingston art experience with exposure to street art, communities, market areas, and galleries in a safe, respectful and informative way.
*Amazing Walking Tour of Kingston – This walking tour safely wanders through the streets of Downtown Kingston, connecting with the authentic Jamaica.

Port Royal – One of the oldest and most historic regions of the country, Port Royal has maintained much of its independence as well as its heritage. Once the enclave of pirates and other outlaws, there is still a strong seafaring tradition. Much of the old city, described in the 17th century as the “wickedest city in the west”, lies underwater beside the town, the result of an earthquake that in 1692 swallowed about two-thirds of the then-living space. Since then, another earthquake in 1907, numerous hurricanes, fires, and various population-decimating diseases have plagued the town. Be sure to stop by the Giddy House at Fort Charles in Port Royal. The building, which was built in 1888 to house the artillery store for the fort, was jolted to its present precarious position during the 1907 earthquake.

Trench Town is the location of the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum , a National Heritage Site presenting the unique history and contribution of Trench Town to Jamaica. Trench Town is the birthplace of rocksteady and reggae music, as well as the home of the reggae and Rastafari ambassador Bob Marley.

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