ANGUILLA – My Favorite Caribbean Island

I am often asked which small island is my favorite in the Caribbean. 
While all island destinations offer a different experience, and I enjoy them all for different reasons, I would have to say my favorite is Anguilla.
Located 25 minutes from St Martin by ferry, Anguilla is only 3 miles wide and 16 miles long. Envied for its pure, pristine sugar-fine, white sands and wrapped in brilliant turquoise waters, Anguilla has well over 33 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Beach access is public, and beaches are uncrowded. Surprisingly, the island boasts a large variety of accommodations with local guest houses to small hotels to villas to 5 star resorts.  A variety of restaurants thrive in Anguilla from toes-in-the-sand beach grills to acknowledged world class dining experiences.  Anguilla’s greatest asset, however, is its friendly people. A week in Anguilla is a week in paradise but it also works well as a split stay, combined with French St Martin.

by Molly Sumption, Caribbean Honeymoon / Sandals Expert, Seattle & Portland / subscribe to RSS feed